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If you are a start-up with a goal to establish your digital footprint or a fledgling brand geared to take your customer relations to the next level your search for a reliable social media marketing consultant or a full-service social media marketing agency ends here. DigiTroopers is a data-driven social media marketing agency providing strategy and execution for digital marketing on all social media platforms. We are able to blend exceptional creativity and data-informed logic to create phenomenal social media campaigns that deliver measurable results for our clients.

Social Media Advertising Services


With millions of active users social media platforms are a treasure trove potential leads and customers. DigiTroopers advanced social media marketing strategy can help you cut through the competition and reach your desired revenue and ROI targets whether your business model is B2B, B2C or C2C.

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Meticulous planning is at the root of spectacular Social Media Marketing results. The key elements of social media marketing strategy include developing a deep understanding of the target audience. Customer segmentation based on demographics and psychographics comes into play here. DigiTroopers conduct a deep dive into your market in the backdrop of your vision and mission to craft a feasible strategy to meet your business objectives


DigiTroopers social media experts design both your visual identity & business persona across a meticulously selected range social media channels. We are experts at using a content centric, multi-channel approach to inbound marketing. Our objectives are to help brands gain recognition, visibility, pull in new qualified leads in the sales funnel, convert existing leads, curb customer attrition, and nurture your loyal customers into brand evangelists boosting revenue and sales opportunities.


DigiTroopers social media experts manage your social accounts so that you can concentrate on your core business operations. Quality content is at the heart of social media appeal. So whether it is posting regular updates or directly engaging with leads and existing customers, we devise a communication approach that is effective for your target audience. DigiTroopers also expands your outreach and strategic partnerships by engaging with influencers helping you earn valuable social media mentions. 


Although our hard-hitting, visually captivating content maximizes engagement and outreach, all our moves are guided solely by performance data and analytics and social media marketing insights. Using the latest techniques, like social listening, DigiTroopers regularly monitor social media performance metrics like engagements, conversions, and reputation against industry benchmarks in order to make informed decisions and quick remedial actions on customer retention, sales, and marketing strategy.

DigiTroopers has Everything you need to Boost Your Business.


DigiTroopers are determined to be the most affordable social media marketing outfits with Google Ads from among all other social media marketing companies in the market. In order to maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), our social media marketing service pricing is flexible to your needs. Our packages suit all marketing budgets and with the help of our in-house graphic designers, copywriters, and ad management experts we ensure that your social advertising campaigns are managed through data-driven decisions providing the highest return on your investment.

Social Media Advertising Services

DigiTroopers employ a 4 step cycle to deliver Exceptional Social Media Marketing Services.

Social Media Design
Affordable social media marketing
Social MEdia marketing companies
Social Media Marketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also create Social Media Accounts?

Of course, We do! We will create and fully optimize your Social Media Accounts by completing every section with the best keywords related to your business, will create a profile and cover photos, and make sure that everything is totally professional.

Is the Ad Spend Included In the Fee?

Ad Spend is separate from the management fee. The daily/monthly budget is not included in our management/optimization packages.

Do you accept custom work?

Yes, We accept all marketing related works, You just contact us to tell us about your requirements. Then we can send our offer.

Do you work on a long-term collaboration?

We love to work long-term. 3, 6 months or more.

Are you a social media marketing agency for small business?

Yes! We are an expert social media marketing agency for eCommerce. Which means that whether you are about to launch or have been in business for decades and are geared to grow, you can rest assured that we are the best digital marketing agency to partner with.

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